Best Road Bike Helmet

Best Road Bike Helmet-Buying Guide & Review

Is my road bike helmet really up to the task? How can I get the best road bike helmet there is out there? What should I look for in a road bike helmet? How should I keep my road bike helmet at its best performance?

The above are some of the queries that you ought to have in mind prior to getting the best bike helmets. Though most people do not see the need of having a bike helmet, it is worth taking note that your safety ought to be given the top most priority.

Can you imagine hitting the road at about 50 kph or go hurling down on a rock infested slope? You definitely could not be able to withstand the shock in one piece and owing to this fact then getting the best road bike helmet is much better than taking chances with your health.

All About Best Road Bike Helmets

All About Road Bike Helmets

When it comes to getting a road bike helmet, what most people look for is whether it will be able to protect them well enough in the instance of any occurrence of an accident.

What type of bike helmet is best suited for you? Where do you do most of your cycling? These are just but a few things that you should take into consideration prior to spending a dime on any bike helmet.

Without much ado, do take a look at some of the things to consider if you want to have the best that there is out there.

Choose From 3 Best Road Bike Helmet

Product Name

Brand Name



Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet


Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Helmet


Schwinn Thrasher Adult Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet Adult

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet Adult

How Should You Best Wear A Road Bike Helmet?

How Should You best Wear A Road Bike Helmet?

When it comes to wearing a helmet, the most common mistake that most of the people do is not tightening the chin straps as tight as they ought to be.

Position the straps snugly at the point where your jaws do transition with your neck. Let not the straps feel like you’re are chocking but they should be tight enough to ensure that the helmet stays in place when you are dismounted of the bike at 40 kph.

Picking The Right Size For You

picking road bike helmet

Most people assume that getting the perfect size for them is an easy task which is not the case unfortunately. Normally, you should be able to optimize the helmet of your choice to ensure that it has got peak performance only by adjusting the choices you have and ensuring that they are able to offer you the safety you need.

Purchasing a road bike helmet in a supermarket is not entirely the best thing for you to do since you’ll be gambling on getting the best.

Going to a specialized bike shop however guarantees you of getting the optimal choice. The best shops will have a chart comparing the size of various manufacturers either in inches or centimeters. Measuring the size of your head just above the eyebrow and comparing it against the chart will do the trick.

You may be lucky to get a perfect fit with the first try and even after this, you should sample out other helmets. There are also different types of brands that you could choose from each of which may offer a perfect fit for you. In such a case, your brand loyalty may be of assistance; otherwise, go for other reputed brands such as the Schwinn or Giro brands.

Still at the sizes, there are the gender and age specific helmets as well as those that are generally grouped according to size i.e. medium, small, large and extra small.

If you may have a hard time when it comes to getting yourself the perfect fit, then a cycling cup under your helmet should aid you in getting the perfect fit.

You also do not have to necessarily have to wear gender specific, if you have a smaller head, then you can go for the kid’s helmet or that of the opposite gender which are guaranteed to offer you a perfect fit.

How to Know Helmet Is Certified in USA

How To chose right helmet

It is strongly advised that you do not go for the cheap helmets; but as you go for the helmets that sell for a high price, it is probably best that you ensure it is verified as being safe enough for you.

In the USA for instance, the helmets ought to meet the consumer product safety commission standard (CPSC). Though helmets that do not bear the CPSC verification may be safe for you, others may possess thinner foam hence are lighter and will not offer you the safety that you deserve.

Don’t make any compromise with your safety, why go for substandard products when you can get the safest that there is out there?

Adjusting Road Bike Helmets

Adjusting road bike helmets

What is the most comfortable fit for the road bike helmets? What most people assume is that the best road bike helmet is always the tightly fitting one.

Instead of tight, go for the snuggly fit. Such a helmet should be able to level on your head and not tilt backwards with the front edge 1 inch or less above your eyebrows.

With such a fit, your forehead will be protected. You should also shift the helmet from side to side and back to front so as to adjust he fit perfectly.

So as to have the perfect fit for your helmet, you need to expand the ring size wheel on the back of your helmet which can be found in most of the road bike helmets. Once the helmet is in place, twist the ring so as to tighten the helmet till the fit is snug but not too tight.

After being satisfied that your head is snugly secured, the next thing to do is buckle and tighten the chain strap in a way that they form a V and rest under each ear.

To see whether the helmet is as it ought to fit, open your mouth wide and if the helmet does not press against the top of your head, then it is not tight enough thus you ought to tighten it some more. Be careful that you don’t over tighten the strap till it is uncomfortable.

What Are The Types Of Bike Helmets Out There?

What are the types of bike helmets out there?

Road Bike Helmets

Road bike helmets are made in such a way that weight and ventilation are given the #1 priority. You don’t want too much weight on your head if you are going to use the bike in going to your nearby store or college.

These are also known as half shell helmets and being road specific helmets, they sit right on top of your head and cover about half of your head. You may easily confuse between the mountain specific helmets and the road bike helmets as they have a close similarity since the former have got more coverage than the road bike ones.

Road bike helmets

Unlike the face down helmets, these will not offer covering on your face, jaws, ears or your neck since it will be quite unlikely for you to be dismounted and crash when cycling on a pavement or smooth tarmac.

Balancing between ventilation, weight and safety ought to be given the first priority. If you may find it hard to distinguish between road bike helmets and the half-shell mountain bike helmets, the visors ought to distinguish between these two.

Some road bike helmets come with a removable visor meaning that if you like cycling in a tucked position, then your visibility will not be hindered and you’ll also be able to reattach the visor when you want to shield yourself from the sun.

Time Trial Helmets

These bear the design to reduce drag form the wind; simply put, these are able to reduce the aerodynamic drag meaning that they are more streamlined as compared to other helmets owing to the fact that they have a tear drop shape.

Time trial helmets

If you need the best helmet for a triathlon, then these are definitely the best choice for you. They also have an added advantage of being less cumbersome than the ordinary road bike helmets when it comes to racing.

Half-Shell Mountain Bike Helmets

As compared to the road bike helmets, these pretty much cover half of the head. A distinguishing factor between these and the road bike helmets is that they are designed with less emphasis being paid on ventilation and weight.

Half-shell mountain bike helmets

Though they are not specifically designed for the extreme cyclists, road bike manufacturers have added coverage to the sides and the rear of the helmets which carters for the Enduro lovers. This entails riding up a hill then back down which undoubtedly does not leave out the risk of being dismounted off your bike.

Owing to the fact that mountain bikers are more likely to encounter mud, rain and sunlight more often, then the visor proves to be more useful to the mountain bikers. These helmets are normally combined with sunglasses to carter for the sunlight and goggles for the muddy or the dusty conditions.

Full Face Down Helmets

These normally cover the entire head and also below the ear. They do offer the highest level of safety and they are normally the preferred choice if you are out for violent cycling whereby you are bound to crash more often.

Full face down helmets

Better safety does come with more materials being incorporated into the bike helmet and owing to this fact, then you are bound to experience more weight upon going for the full-face down helmets.

Ventilation is not given the #1 priority when it comes to these and you may find it quite hard to breathe in them.

What Does The Construction of A Bike Helmet Entail?

What does the construction of a bike helmet entail

The in-mold construction is what is used when it comes to making the road bike helmet. In this process, the outer shell and the inner linear are fused without the use of clues. Eliminating the use of glues results into having lighter and simultaneously stronger designs.

The shell

Most of the helmets that are used in cycling are covered with a plastic shell such that the helmet is held together in the instance of a crush. In attrition to the helmet being in place upon impact, it should also be puncture resistant and allow the helmet to slide upon impact so that both your head and neck are properly secured.

The linear

Think of the linear as a shock absorber. Most helmet shave their linear made of the polystyrene foam. It is best advised that you go for those that are CPSC certified since these will effectively dissipate the force such that your head is not going to take any damage.

The MIPS Technology

The MIPS technology

A variant in the construction of helmets is constructing them such that protection from damage is offered by rotational forces within the helmet.

Helmets that are equipped with the MIPS technology have got a low-friction layer which allows the helmet’s impact-absorbing foam layer to rotate around the head slightly upon impact.

Though it will only move a few millimeters in overall, it reduces the amount of rotational forces that can be transferred to your brain upon impact.

Key Features of Bike Helmets

Key features of bike helmets

Protection is not all what bike helmets are all about. If you’d rather go cycling without your helmet owing to the fact that wearing one is not comfortable enough for you, then you probably did not do enough research prior to having your pick.

The Straps

Helmet Straps

Snug yet enough to offer you outmost protection. If you have them too tight, then you’ll have an uncomfortable feel when cycling. On the contrary, if they are loose, the helmet may detach from your head when you happen to be dismounted from your bike hence exposing your skull.



Some cyclists prefer to shield themselves against the sun when they are doing their cycling. Though they are most commonly used in the mountain bikes, they can be incorporated on the road bike helmets as well.

A downside to having visors is that there will be an added weight to the helmet and in addition to this, there is a wind resistance meaning that they will not be as streamlined as they ought to be.


Helmet Ventilation

One of the problems that most cyclists face when cycling is not having enough ventilation. With the incorporation of vents however, there is enhanced wind flow over your head which in turn keeps you cooler and more comfortable as you ride.

Going for the helmets with less vents gives you an advantage of less weight hence a more comfortable feel

The Hair Port

Helmet Hair port

These are mostly preferred by the ladies. Some helmets will come with a hair port that is able to accommodate pony-tails which will in turn give you a more comfortable feel as you do your cycling.

Full-Face Protection

Your safety should definitely be given the #1 priority. Having this in mind, most cyclists especially those who like mountain biking go for the helmets that have a wraparound chin bar so as to offer them a complete face protection for both downhill biking as well as park riding.

“Choosing a bike helmet does not only entail picking out a helmet that fits and taking it out for a test drive. How many bikes do you have? Is one helmet really enough for you?

If you owe only one bike, then you should have only one helmet. If it is a road bike, then you’d better get yourself a road bike helmet. Helmets that are specific for road bikes are optimized to offer a balance between ventilation and weight.

Don’t confuse these with the half-shell mountain bike helmets since unlike the former, these cover almost half of the head. Having tried out a helmet and found it to offer the perfect fit, check whether it meets the CPSC standard which verifies it as being safe enough for use on the road.

Regarding when you like to do most of your cycling, you can go for a helmet that has got a visor or not. This will be able to shield your eyes against the sun’s glare.

As for the adjustment, there are a number of criteria when it comes to the sizing of the helmets ranging from age, gender and the most appropriate, measuring the size of your head against the size chart. If you find it hard to get a perfect fit, then you can wear a bike cap under the helmet for it to have a snug feel on your head.”

Luke Lydiard

10 Best Road Bike Helmet

10 Best Road Bike Helmet

1. Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a bicycle helmet that is guaranteed to offer you a perfect fit, then this should definitely be on your list. With the Roc-Loc 5 Fit System, you are bound to have a more than perfect fit of the helmet.

Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Drop the helmet onto your head, turn the dial to adjust the tension and you’re good to go. The lock system is bound to offer you the perfect fit and at the same time prove light hence a good pick for a road bike helmet.

With the in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS inner lining, it is guaranteed to offer you out most safety since its snug fit will see to it that it does not slip off your head upon impact.

As for the ventilation, the swift space within this helmet allows for proper circulation of air. When it comes to the long rides, the lightweight nature guarantees you the most comfortable feel as well.

When it comes to take care from the heat, it comes in the silver and white colors which will not heat up during the hot summer weather.

One thing that you ought to be keen about in the Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet is the adjustment of the straps; always ensure that they lay flat on your head

2. Giro Revel Road Bike Helmet - Women's

One of the things that are given highest priority when it comes to the selection of the best road bike helmet is how comfortable it does feel on your head.

With 22 cooling vents on this bad boy, you’ll have a perfect air flow in your head. Still at the number of vents within it, the Giro Revel Helmet - Women's proves to possess less weight as compared to other helmets in its class. This then makes it an ideal women’s choice.

Women road bike helmet

The in-mold construction does combine a poly carbonate outer shell that has got an impact absorbing foam liner. With this, you don’t have to worry about compromising the safety and security of your head.

The Acu Dial fit system is guaranteed to offer you the out most ease and comfort that you deserve regardless of where you are doing cycling ranging from downtown streets, single track trains and twisting climbing hills.

When it comes to the comfort of fitting it, this helmet has got easy to adjust straps which will lock into place upon being adjusted meaning that you’ll only need to do it once.

The universal sized nature of the helmet makes it an ideal choice; you don’t have to worry about your head being small. Get yourself one of these and you’ll definitely not be disappointed.

3. Kask Mojito Road Bike Helmet

Being able to offer you enough protection is not what a bike helmet is all about. If you happen to be allergic to most of the straps on a bike helmets, the hypoallergenic nature of the leatherette chin strap will see to it that you don’t get to have any allergic reactions.

Kask Mojito Road Bike Helmet

The in-mold composite construction within the helmet means that the helmet is made in such a way that you’ll get to have a perfect fit upon putting it on. An added advantage to having the in-mold construction in the Kask Mojioto helmet is that it is just as crash-proof as it is comfortable.

When it comes to having a perfect fit of the helmet, settling for the Kask Mojito Helmet will prove one of the most comfortable helmets out in the market. The Up-N-Down double-pivot fitting system offers an awesome fit not just over your head but at the back of your neck as well.

With 26 air vents on it, you’ll be able to enjoy long rides without being uncomfortable and in addition to this, you’ll have an added advantage of having less weight while cycling.

The straps and stickers on the bike are made of reflective material meaning that you’ll be easily seen by motorists which is one of the safest measures incorporated on the helmet.

4. POC Octal AVIP Helmet

Safety and security is one of the things that most people look for when shopping for a road bike helmet. The POC Octal AIVP Helmet boasts a polycarbonate shell meaning that the level of safety it possesses will be top-notch.

POC Octal AVIP Road BikeHelmet

As for the foam within it, the EPS nature gives it a comfortable feel on your head and simultaneously adds on to the safety just in case you are unfortunately dismounted from your bike.

When it comes to the adjustment of the bike, this pick proves fit enough to the bearer since the size adjustment system has a low contact area.

This helmet, unlike others in its class will offer protection even to the temples as it does not rest on your head but rather around your head offering protection even to your temples and to the rear of the skull as well.

The helmet has got reflective elements which contribute to adding on to visibility by motorists just in case you happen to be out past sun down.

The bike does not come with visors meaning that it is an ideal helmet if you like to do your cycling in a hunched position.

The vents on the helmet ensure that airflow is not a problem at all hence you can cycle for a long distance short of feeling uncomfortable at all.

5. Topton HM-1 Bicycle Helmet

Safety is always what most cyclists will give first priority to when they are shopping for a road bike helmet. The Toptotn HM-1 Bicycle Helmet is made of high density as well as durable PVC as well as PC EPS foam.

Toptotn HM 1 Bicycle Helmet

With such materials incorporated within it, the helmet will be able to absorb any shock upon impact hence reducing the odds of you hitting your head during a crash.

When it comes to the ventilation on the helmet, its aerodynamic design incorporated with 21 air vents within it sees to it that there is an optimal flow of air hence there is continuous flow as well as minimal air resistance.

The adjustable chin strap has got a quick release buckle as well as a rear lock adjustment; cool and comfortable pads hence ease of use. In addition to these, the pads are easy to remove hence all you have to do is to split them after which you can easily clean them.

This helmet normally comes with a standard size and it has got an easy to use dial system as well as side straps which make it easy to adjust considering your head size. This feature makes it the best choice for use for both men and women.

6. Giro Foray Helmet

Safety should always be given the #1 priority when it comes to the selection of a road bike. Owing to this fact, the Giro Foray Helmet is made out of the In-mold poly carbonate shell- this offers the best protection upon impact.

Other than having a polycarbonate lining, there is the EPS linear construction that gives you a perfect fit and cushions your head as well just in case you are dismounted form your bike.

Giro Foray Helmet

Another thing that makes this road bike helmet preferable over the others in its class is the fact that if comes with 21 vents which not only cuts down the weight but will also ensure that there is a continuous flow of air that allows you to cycle for a longer span of time and comfortably.

Other than going through the trouble of having to install the roc loc 5 system, why not get a bike helmet that comes with one? With this, your helmet will be able to snugly fit on your head without shifting its position- either forwards or backwards-. Another advantage of this is that you will not have to over-tighten it.

7. Schwinn Women's Thrasher Helmet

Getting yourself a road bike helmet does not mean that you might always get to have it on each time you hit the road. Owing to this fact, the Schwinn Women's Thrasher Helmet comes with a 100% adjustability that makes it the ideal choice regardless of your head size.

Schwinn Women's Thrasher Helmet

On the Schwinn Women's Thrasher Helmet, there are 20 air vents which are able to keep you cool enough. In addition to these, there are the sealed pads which will offer you utmost comfort as well as durability.

One thing that can be agreed upon is that having a disrupted view of the road can result to you being dismounted off your bike. The visor that comes with this helmet is removable. Owing to this fact you can always attach or detach it from your helmet only when you are cycling against the sunlight.

There is nothing as safe as hitting the road having the assurance that your helmet will not fly off your head hence compromising your safety. With the side straps, you can be able to have the helmet snugly fit on your head

8. Bell Star Pro Shield Helmet

If you are searching for the best bicycle helmet for hot weather, then this is definitely what you need. For starters, rather than having visors that will restrict you from cycling in a hunched position, it has got the Magnetic Zeiss Eye Shield.

Bell Star Pro Shield Road Bike Helmet

With the in-mold polycarbonate shell that comes with it, this helmet proves to be one of the best whe it comes to withstanding impact just I case of a dismount from your bike seat.

As for the fit offered by this helmet, there are two possible locations of the straps in the inside. Upon adjusting these, the fit will be just enough such that it will not fall off your head and neither will it be too uncomfortable for you.

The colors that come with this helmet are mainly intended for the helmet to be easily visible by motorists. As a result of this, you’ll not have to worry about being caught on the road at dust.

The vents that come with this helmet can be closed when it is colder and as a result, they will keep your head warmer- definitely worth every dime you spend on them.

9. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

One of the reasons as to why most cyclists end up swerving off the road or getting hit by motorists is not being able to see what is ahead of them. Due to this, the manufacturers of the Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle black/grey Helmet Adult incorporated built-in visors on this helmet. With this, you can always hit the road regardless of how high up the sun is.

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle  Helmet

The 21 air vents on this helmet will see to it that your hair is not blown by the wind and at the same time, you’ll feel the wind cooling your head off- definitely the most comfortable cycling session.

The shell on this helmet is designed in such a way that it is going to withstand as much as 20 mph. though it may crack upon impact, your skull will remain intact.

The dual fit adjustable design that comes with this bike serves best for both men and women hence you do not have to worry about gender suitability.

Worried about your fit? Try out this helmet and you won’t be disappointed. The strap design as well as the adjustment knob on it is able to control the harnesses so that it will not threaten to come off your head when cycling hence threatening your safety.

10. Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet

All bike helmets are designed with the main aim being to offer the cyclists complete safety. One way via which they ensure this is possible is the incorporation of a twist knob at the back. Just turn this on the Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet till the fit is secure enough then you can hit the road without the worry of it flying off your head and compromising your safety.

Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet

It is quite seldom for you to get a helmet that will offer you protection as well as a comfortable feel; you can be able to adjust the straps such that they meet just below your ear and flat on your face.

Be careful not to tighten them too much- just adjust them so that they will not threaten to release the helmet off your head and will not feel uncomfortable.

The light bulb at the back of the helmet will see to it that motorists will be able to see you even when you happen to be caught outside at dust; this in turn eliminates the risks of being hit by motorists.

Final Verdict

One thing to always have at the back of your mind is going for a road bike helmet that is it should be optimized. Only go for the choice that has got a balance between weight, comfort and safety.

Do consider a number of things when making your pick; paying attention to every detail will distinguish the best that there is from the worst. Do take a look at the straps on the helmet, the shell, the lining as well as the padding within it.

Prior to making your purchase do have a number of things in mind such as where you are going to do most of your cycling and how often you are going to do your cycling regarding the weather as well as the time of the day.

All in all, the best road bike helmet should always give you the best safety- you deserve to get the best out of every dime spent on them.

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