Best Bike Lights- Exclusive Review & Relevant Product Listings

Why should I install a bike light? Do I really have the best performing road bike light? What should I do so as to get the best road bike lights? These are just a few of the queries that you’d better have in mind if you are searching for the best that there is out there.

Just having a bike light installed on your road bike is not enough. Is it as visible as it should be? How long is it able to last without worrying about replacement of the battery?

Simply put, if you want to have the best performing cycle lights, then it is best that you always pay attention to all the small details prior to making your purchase. Another thing that you should know before incorporating a bike light on your bike is where it should best be installed; you may have the best rear bike lights but install it in front of the bike.

Installing a light so as to see the way ahead needs to be done with outmost precision, is it most effective when in front of you or slightly below?Without much ado, let’s take a look at some of the things that you’d better take into consideration for you to get the best out of your road bike when it comes to installing the cycle lights.

Choose From 3 Best Road Bike Lights

Product Name

Brand Name



Blitzu Gator 320 Road Bike Headlight


Blitzu Gator 320 Road Bike Headlight

Blitzu 120T USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light

Blitzu 120T USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light

Cycle Torch Night Owl USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Cycle Torch Night Owl USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

All About The Road Bike Lights

What Is Expected Of The Best Road Bike?


One of the mistakes that most cyclists do when seeking out a road bike is not having the necessary knowledge of whether or not the bike light meets all the requirements as demanded by the RVLR (Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations).

There are terms that you need to satisfy in the installation of both the front and the rear lamps.

Front Lamp

The best positioning for this lamp is either a central placement or offside with the optimal height from the ground being no more than 0.15 meters. The lamp should be only one, white and aligned towards and visible from the front by other incoming motorists.

If you want a road bike lamp that is going to emit steady light, then it needs to be verified as being able to conform to BS612/3 or alternatively a similar EC standard.Of it will only be able to emit only a flashing light, then it should not emit less than 4 candela

Rear Lamp

Just like the front lamp, this one needs to be placed either centrally or offside. As for the height of the lamp, It needs to be anywhere between 350mm and 1500mm above the ground.The alignment of this light should face behind and should be visible from behind as well.

Unlike the front lights, these should be marked BS3648 if they are meant to emit a steady light. Alternatively, if they are meant for the flashing light, they should give no less than 4 candela.

In addition to the rear lamp, you may be needed to have a pedal as well as a rear reflector so as to meet all the demands of RVLR

What Choices Are There Out There For You?

When you decide to have a bike light installed on your bicycle, you need to have the knowhow of the types of cycle lights that are out there for you and more so and most importantly who they are aimed at.

The Small Torches


One mistake that you should not do when going for these lights is looking forward to using them for the purpose of seeing what is ahead of you.

The small torches may however offer a little visibility in unlit roads. In some instances, you may get those that come with a flashing feature meaning that it will be easily visible by motorists that come from the opposite direction.

You should however be cautious not to switch to the flashing mode when on a two way bike path or trail as you can aggravate other motorists and you may end up causing an accident hence it is best that you stick to the steady mode on such a path.

The best thing about these is their long battery life. In some cases, they may fall under the rechargeable bike lights category hence you will get to enjoy their service for the longest time possible.

What About The Emergency Lights


Just as the name suggests, these are the most portable of all the cycle lights. They can be small enough for you to always leave in your bag just in case you may be in need of them.

They are normally attatched to either the bars or the frame with the aid of a stretchy band and they are powered by button cells whereby the CR2032 are the most preferable.

Even though they do not offer that much light, they are bound to get you home just in time in the instance of your failing or running out of power- better than nothing-.

You may always go for the USB rechargeable lights that are not as expensive as they used to be in the past. With these, you do not have to worry about battery replacement at all.

What Do The Battery Pack Stems Have Store?


If you are looking for the most powerful bike lights there are out there, then these had better not miss out on your shopping list.

The most powerful light are normally the ones that come with a separate battery pack which is attached to a smaller head unit which as compared to the standard torch is more powerful.

The advantage that comes with having these is that you will be able to swap the battery pack if you are going for the long rides hence you’ll be able to replace them with utmost ease.

Bike Torches


When you think of incorporating torches on your bike, there are a number of choices for these. You can get to enjoy the rechargeable bikes or the replicable ones. Going for the torches will guarantee you additional light hence better visibility and you’ll also be easily seen by motorists.

Normally, motorists will make the bike torches in such a way that they come in a single set of rear and front lights hence cheaper as compared to their counterparts such as dynamo lights.

When it comes to the rechargeable units, they may come with either the adaptor or alternatively a USB which is simpler to use as you can just plug it into your PC.

There are some torches that may give you as much as 1000 lumens which is more than you may need on the road. It is however advised that you maintain an optimal setting which is just enough for you to see ahead of you and will be able to take you through the night.

The Dynamo Lights


What normally seems to be the problem when it comes to the durability of the bicycle lights is frequent replacement of the same. Since most people may not be able to always remember to carry with them spare batteries, going for the dynamo lights may just be the solution that you are looking for.

Normally, you can go for the hub dynamos that stand out to be the best pick when it comes to demanding low maintenance and simultaneously will be able to offer you the highest power output.

With this, you will be able to have quite a bright light in both the front as well as the rear lights since the standard power output in these is normally 2.4-3 watts.Picking a stem that is able to store energy as you cycle is normally advised just in case you get stuck in traffic.

An added advantage to having these is that you do not have to worry about them running put pf power just in case you forget to turn them off in the daylight.

The Head Torches


Being the only cycle light that is able to allow you to see whatever direction you are facing, they stand out to be the most useful of the bike lights.

The smaller the units the easier they are to incorporate on your helmet. The small rechargeable units will in most cases come with a helmet mount. If you do not have a mount on your torch, you may use either a zip-tie or a headband on it.

What To Look For When Choosing A Light

How Often Do You Use Your Bike?

Always have in mind how you’ll recharge the bike and the span of time that it will take for you to do so. If your light runs out before you go to and from your destination, then you probably need a new light.

As compared to the USB charged bikes, the proprietary charged ones will be abler to last for a longer span of time hence a better performance.Normally, most of the lights will come with a variety of power options hence you can be able to save power with the low settings.

Can Your Bike Lights Really Be Able To Withstand Harsh Conditions?

How much time do you spend on your bike? The expensive lights will normally come with the best seals which makes them the ideal choice if you cycle every day.

The best sealing on your bike will allow it to be able to withstand even the extreme weather conditions without taking any damage.Considering what conditions you use the lights in, take a look at the sealing on the bike as well as the warranty.

What Will You Use Yhe Lights For?

Regarding the routes you are to take while on your bike, you’ll be able to know the level of brightness that you’ll go for.If you do most of your cycling in town, then going for those with the best side visibility is the best option.

Alternatively, if you are riding only on the road, then you should go for the narrow beams which will not distract oncoming traffic.If you may be forced to shift your tracks, then you’d better go for the lights that have a wide beam.

Alternate Modes

You may either get the steady lights or the ones that come with the strobe mode. The latter will allow oncoming traffic to easily see you hence a major safety measure especially if you are using a small light that may be too dim to be noticed by oncoming traffic.Going for the high end lights will offer you different levels of brightness as well as different types of strobe hence the best performance on one light.

What About The Mounting?

Normally, you can have the light mounted on your helmet or your handlebar.The handlebar is the most popular and allows you to easily remove the light upon reaching your destination.

The helmet mount on the other hand allows the bam to be at a higher level hence the safest option. Other than allowing the beam to be at a higher level, it allows you to be able to see whichever direction you are facing with ease.

Available Types

Normally you can get either the bright or the smaller safety lights. The former normally come in larger sizes and they boast to have the capability of illuminating the road ahead of you or the full path even when the night is moonless.

The bright beam lights are normally installed on the handlebars and are easy to remove when you reach your destination. Small safety lights are easily portable and are used on roads that are fairly lit. They are not meant to see what is ahead but rather for the incoming vehicles to be able to see you.

“When it comes to picking a bicycle light, LEDs stand out to be the best choice in the market today. They have got all the features that you could possibly look for in the best bike light such as cutting down the price, being small in size and have got as much as 1000 lumens which is similar to the car lights’ intensity.

Always ensure that the bike lights- either the rear or the front ones meet the RVLR regulations whereby you should be keen on where to install and the amount of light it should be able to produce.

What you are to use the light for, how regularly and the conditions of the day that you do most of your cycling in should also be able to guide you in choosing your bike light.

Generally, the more expensive they are the better performance they are bound to offer you regarding durability and lighting.

Another thing to have in mind is the type of bike light to go for regarding how much energy you need and for how long. Dynamo lights are normally preferred as they can be able to store some energy for lighting just in case you are caught in traffic and just in case you leave them on, there is no loss as they are mechanically powered.”

Dave Atkinson

The 10 Most Reputed Best Bicycle Lights

1.Divine LEDs Road Bike Light


Just as much as all the other components on your bike demand utmost attention, so should your lights. When it comes to the installation of the Divine LEDs Road Bike Light, you do not need to have any tools at your disposal since it can be easily mounted on your bars.

Visibility should not be a problem with these due to the option of being able to focus the light or switch to the wide beam.With its state-of-the art design, the Divine LEDs Road Bike Light has every component on it made with the best materials.

If you are a frequent cyclist, it is undoubtable that your bike might take a beating. The sealing on this light however takes care of all this meaning that you’ll be able to see your way even if you are caught out in the rain.


  • Comes with an exclusive 10 year warranty hence you are assured of the best performance from it.
  • No tools needed upon installation- the ideal choice if you are looking for the best first bile light.
  • Utmost durability that is assured- considering it has got the best sealing, it’s bound to have the best performance even when caught out in the rain.


  • Regarding the bike that you are using, the ring that goes around the handle bar might need some adjustment for it not to flop downwards.

2.Blitzu Gator 320 Road Bike Headlight

Blitzu Gator 320 Road Bike Headlight

How long the lights are able to last on the road is one of the key things that cyclists will always look for. Being USB rechargeable, you won’t have to make any battery replacements at all.

The lights come with different run time features with the highest one running at a maximum of 2 hours. The alternate run times including the flashing one will be able to save you quite some power hence you’ll be able to spend maximum time on the road.

With the latest CREE LED tech, this stands out to be one of the best LED bike lights since it will be able to offer you ample brightness- 320 lumen of up to 300 feet beam lengthBoasts to have a 360 rotating design hence you’ll be able to see all round.

In addition to its flexibility, this light is able to shine in any direction you want. As for the mounting, all you have to do is press and mount the light without removing the whole mounting bracket.


  • Military grade design- both impact and water resistant.
  • Able to fit perfectly on most handlebars of up to 40mm
  • Has got alternate lighting options that will prove handy regardless of where you are cycling or at what time of the day you are doing your cycling.


  • The highest lighting option goes for a maximum of 2 hours after which you may be stranded on the road.

3. Blitzu 120T USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light


This is one of the components on a bike that most people overlook. Having the Blitzu 120T USB Rechargeable LED Bike Tail Light installed at the rear of your bike- practically anywhere on the frame-, you’ll have as much as 120 lumens from it which will make it easily visible by other motorists.

As for durability, it is able to withstand any impact and more so, it is water resistant- IPX4 rating- which means that it can is shielded from water splashing from any direction.How long does it last?

Owing to the fact that it comes with 6 modes, it can go for as long as 6 hours when running at the low setting and one and a half hours when running at the highest. All in all, the power options that you get from this light will be able to save you ample power regarding how you do your cycling.


  • Comes at a light 26 grams with the internal battery included- simultaneously light and effective.
  • Usable on a number of bikes- Mountain bikes, road bikes and kid’s bikes.
  • The control button is at the top hence you’ll be able to adjust the light with utmost ease.


  • The adjustable tilt on the bike may need some tightening on some bike frames. You don’t want the light to face downwards each time you hit a bump.

4.Cycle Torch Night Owl Bike Light USB Rechargeable


How bright a light is is one of the major distinguishing factors upon making your selection of a bike light. With the 2 led lights each of which is 200 lumens, you’ll have round-the-clock safety.

In addition to the pair of LED USB lights, it also does come with a bonus rear light that is non-USB nd with this, you will be able to enjoy 360 degree safety.You do not have to worry about the attachment on to the frame as it will fit perfectly without having to employ the use of any of your tools.

Don’t underestimate the bike due to its light weight. Coming at an exclusive 80 grams and being 1PX5 rated, you will be able to get the best service regardless of the direction that the rain drops are hitting the bike from.


  • 2 high output LED lights hence the best assurance for 100% safety
  • Comes with 100% money back & satisfaction guarantee hence you will gate a replacement just in case of a glitch
  • Has got different lighting options that enable you to save on the power.


  • The adjustable tilt on the bike may need some tightening on some bike frames. You don’t want the light to face downwards each time you hit a bump.

5.BV Bicycle Light Set


For starters, the mounting process will not prove cumbersome at all even if you are doing it for the first time since it does not demand the use of any tools at all. Upon being mounted, it has got the quick release mount that makes it easy for you to remove from the bike.With the 5 LED headlights, this light is visible by motorists as far as 1500 feet away from you.

In addition to this, it is able to light for as far as 40 feet ahead of you hence you are assured of your safety. Still at the lighting offered by this light, it is designed in such a way that it is able to allow light from the sides hence a better visibility for you.

Other than the headlight, you get to enjoy the use of a tail light upon purchasing the BV Bicycle Light Set, you will also get the tail light which can be easily fit on the seat with a clip-on quick-release system.


  • Owing to the fact that it is an LED light, it saves on battery consumption
  • Different flashing patterns as well as a constant beam hence you’ll be able to save on energy and in addition to this, you’ll be seen by oncoming motorists and get to see the way better as well.
  • Has got multiple adjustments regarding the width of your bike frame.


  • The headlight is a little bit focused hence you may not be able to enjoy a wide field of view as you ought to.

6.Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Tail Light


Though you may overlook the importance of having a rear bike light on your bike, they are quite an important thing to always have. With the Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Tail Light, you will have as much as 168 lumens form the 50 micro-LED chips that come with it.

As for the mounting, you can basically do it irrespective of where you are and regardless of the part that you want to install it on. Other than on the bike, you can mount it on your helmet which allows cars coming from the rear to see you better.

Considering that it is USB rechargeable, all you have to do is plug the light in your computer till it is fully charged and you are good to go. So as to save on energy, the light has got 6 modes, you can be able to save on energy by switching to the lower modes.


  • Different lighting modes that allow you to vary the brightness demanding on the surrounding lighting and your need to save on energy.
  • Easy to install on either the bike frame or on your helmet.
  • Its USB rechargeable hence you won’t have to replace the batteries frequently.


  • At high light output, you get only one and a half hours. This is may not be guaranteed to get you to and from your destination at all times even at full power.

7.Bright Eyes Aircraft Aluminium Waterproof 300 Lumen LED Bike Light Set


How bright a bike light is really does matter. With the Bright Eyes Aircraft Aluminium Waterproof 300 Lumen LED Bike Light Set, you can get to adjust the brightness from 80 to 300 lumens regarding the visibility on the track that you are on.

As for durability, you’ll get to enjoy the use of a waterproof set which is not immersible but will be up to the task just in case you are unfortunately caught out in the rain.

Other than coming in a waterproof set, the lights are sturdy enough to hold in place regardless of the route you are taking.When it comes to the installation of the lights, they will prove quite compliant even if you are doing it for the first time. In addition to ease of installation, they can be mounted short of the use of any tools.


  • Adjustable lighting system meaning that you’ll be able to save on energy.
  • Comes in a waterproof set hence you’ll have an added advantage of longer durability.
  • Considering their size, the rear lights are quite bright hence cutting on the weight and improving the brightness.


  • If your handlebars are too big, you may be needed to look for a zip tie so as to fasten them

8.Shark 300 Bicycle light Set


What sets this bike light apart from the rest is the fact that it comes with the flat beam technology. It was designed in this way upon taking into consideration the fact that there are other motorists on the road.

With the flat beam technology, vehicles coming from the opposite direction will not be blinded by your bike light.This 300 lumen USB rechargeable bike is able to light even the darkest paths. In addition to this, considering that it has got a flat beam, it will prove quite handy when used for off road lighting.

This bike proves to have a compatible fit with handlebars of up to 50mm which is the standard circumference for most of the major bicycle brands.The fact that it is USB rechargeable makes it an ideal choice when you are looking for an alternative to always having to replace your batteries.


  • It is usable for a number of activities ranging from mountain biking, road biking, kids biking among others.
  • With the 2 alternate sized rubber bands, you will find it quite easy to fit it on almost any handle bar.
  • Comes with 4 alternate working modes. With these, you will be able to save on both energy and vary your lighting based on the visibility on the road


  • Though it comes with the rear light, it is not USB rechargeable hence you’ll have to replace the batteries when they run out.

9. Bright Eyes Road Bike Light


Owing to the fact that It has got an external rechargeable battery which is also waterproof, the Bright Eyes Road bike light not only eliminates the burden that comes with purchasing batteries but you will also have the assurance of continuous use just in case you are caught out in the rain.

Its flexibility of use makes it an ideal choice for those that are new to cycling owing to the fact that you can be able to use it for mountain biking, running, camping, hiking and in addition to this, there is an added helmet accessory to it.

Has got alternate power options with the high setting on the New 6400mAh battery- slightly above 3 hours on high setting, 5 hours on a medium setting and on low setting 26+ hours. Based on the lighting on the road and your need to save on power.


  • Rechargeable external battery- this gives you longer lighting as compared to the replaceable batteries.
  • Comes with alternative power settings hence better lighting and ultimate power saving where need be.
  • Ease of attachment on to the bike as well as detachment.


  • Since it goes off without a warning, it is always advised that you carry a backup battery

10. New Generation Blitzu 120H USB Rechargeable Bike Headlight


With the New Generation Blitzu 120H USB Rechargeable Bike Headlight, you’ll get to have a wide beam which makes it the ideal choice if you are switching roads or riding along bends.

In addition to this, the wide beam is easily visible my motorists on the road which eliminates any chances of a road mishap.It comes with a USB charging system hence you can always plug it into your laptop rather than always having to worry about replacing the batteries.

Speaking of power and lighting, it offers you a number of options- high power, medium, 100%flashing & 50% flashing, strobe.Each of these settings can be used regarding the present lighting on the road.

Other than a variety of lighting options, this light has been drop tested from as high as 2 meters and in addition to this satisfies IPX4 hence protection against splashing water from any angle.


  • Comes with 30 micro-LED chips that emit as much as 120 lumens.
  • USB rechargeable- takes up to 2 hours to charge fully after which you can enjoy up to 6 modes.
  • The wide beam is visible from all angles- this gives you a wide view of the road and you can also be easily seen by motorist.


  • The tab on the plastic mounting needs to be handle with care as it can snap if medium pressure is applied to it

Final Verdict

From the above, it can be agreed upon that just as much as the other components on a bike require utmost attention, so does the bicycle lights.Always know where you are to do most of your cycling, the time of day and the type of routes you are to follow in doing the same.

Where you should attach the bike light also does matter; is it a rear light or the front light?Another thing to take into consideration is the type of lighting you desire- straigt narrow beam or the wide beams; alternatively, you can go for the flat beams whereby you are to cycle on the opposite direction of other incoming motorists.

Covering your front and forgetting your back may be quite risky hence this calls for the rear bike lights. These may also be mounted on your helmet if you don’t prefer to mount them on your bike seat or frame.

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