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Every component on your road bike saddle does demand undisputed attention. Having this in mind, you should then move on to asking yourself whether you have got the best saddle or not. When it comes to making your selection of the best road bike saddle, the main thing that most people have in mind especially the newbies are the level of comfort.

With the best height, cushioning and saddle’s angle among other things, you can be able to have the best result. Simply put, your bike saddle may just be the determining factor of whether or not you are going to have the best time on the road or on the contrary be disappointed.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at some of the features you should look out for then move on to some of the best road bike saddles of 2017.

Choose From 3 Best Road Bike Saddle

Product Name

Brand Name



Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle


Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle

Planet Bike 5020 Men's ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle

Planet Bike

Planet Bike 5020 Men's ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle


Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

What Type of Cushioning Should You Go For?

Saddle should you go for

Though having a cushioned seat will be able to provide comfort to eliminate fatigue, it is best that you always have in mind that the two most common cushioning materials that react different underweight. Let’s first have a look at the gel cushioning.

Gel Cushioning

When it comes to giving you the best comfort level, gel cushioning is definitely the best way to go. The reason as to why this is the preferred choice of most riders is that it molds to your body. With this feature, Therefore tends to be the best choice especially for most of the recreational riders.

On the downside, the only problem that you may face upon settling for the gel cushioning is that it tends to get compacted more quickly as compared to its saddle counterpart.

Foam Cushioning

Second to the gel cushioning, foam cushioning is the next best option for the most comfortable time on the road. The good thing about foam cushioning is that it is able to offer you a pliable feel which means that it springs back to shape after you are done with your cycling.

Foam Cushioning Saddle

Being the most preferred choice of road riders, foam cushioning is able to provide more support and at the same time deliver the best comfort. For longer rides and for riders of over 200 lbs. or those that have got well-conditioned seat bones, firmer foam is preferred since unlike softer foam or gel padding it does not compact quickly.

The Saddle Pad

Being an optional add on that may be placed over a road bike saddle for added comfort a saddle pad is both plush and comfortable. On the downside however, it is worth mentioning that the padding on the saddle pad is not as contained as that you would get if you went for an already padded bike seat. For instance, a saddle pad may migrate involuntarily to an undesired position.

Though this may not be a problem for most of the recreational riders, the same would not be said for the fast or the long distance riders. It would be preferable that you go for a well-padded pair of bike shorts or underwear rather than the saddle pads.

What Is Your Preferred Type Of Riding?

Road Bike Ridding

Other than just having the right type of padding on your saddle, another thing that you ought to have in mind before you make your choice of the bike saddle is the nature of riding that you take part in. Below are some of the saddle choices that match the different types of riding.

Recreational Riding

when it comes to recreational riding, you will in most cases be in an upright position and at the same time only go for the short distances. In this case, it is best that you try out a cushioning saddle.

Road Bike Cycling

If you love racing or hitting the road for a reasonable long distance then a performance saddle is the best choice for you. Performance saddles are normally long, narrow and have got sports minimal padding.

During a ride on your road bike, very little weight does rest on your seat bones and considering that you will be in a tucked position, you’ll need a little more extraneous material between your legs so that you can have the best power transfer and at the same time have minimal chaffing as well.

If you are new to road riding however, it is best that you go for a softer saddle that will be able to keep you most comfortable as your body does the adjustments to hours of spinning.

Road Bike Touring Saddle

road bike Touring Saddle

For those who love touring, it can be agreed upon that you’ll definitely hit the road for quite an ample amount of time. Having this in mind, then you are going to need a performance saddle or a saddle that is made out of 100% leather. This should also be a cross design of both the mountain and the road saddle such that you’ll have plenty of seat cushioning and a fairly long and narrow nose.

Have A Look At The Rails

Have A Look At The Rails

Though the top side of the saddle may be appealing to you, not paying heed to what is under the saddle may disappoint you while on the road.

The rails are normally under the saddle and are the bars that the seat post clamps to so as to keep the saddle in position. The rails are normally made out of steel alloys, titanium or carbon. Whereas steel is cheaper, it is quite heavy as compared to aluminum and it is only advised that you settle for it if you are on a tight budget.

Should You Go For The Sit In Slits?

Should You Go For The Sit In Slits

Most of the bike saddles are made in such a way that they will be able to protect your perineum. In this area is a network of arteries and nerves that should not be tampered with whatsoever.

Saddles with a sit in slit are designed in such a way that they relieve pressure on the perineum which in turn will be able to provide a continuous air flow and at the same time offer the best level of comfort for the longer rides.

Due to the fact that every cyclist’s anatomy is different, some ridders will find the perineal cut out design on the saddle to be just fine. Others on the other hand will use a saddle that has got a small indentation in it or no accommodation at all.

With the different kinds of designs to relieve pressure, you’ll have the best benefit and it is entirely a personal preference for every cyclist.

In some instances, for the cyclists that find it rather hard to find the best fit for themselves, it is advised that you go for the split seat. This is a side-by-side cushion on a nose less saddle

The Leather Saddles

Best Road Bike leather saddles

Nowadays, most of the leather saddles are made entirely out of the synthetic materials from the shell to the padding as well as the cover on the saddle. The reason for this is that they are both lightweight and at the same time, they demand a little level of maintenance. Alternatively, some of the leather saddles use thin leather covering rather than a synthetic one.

The good thing about the leather saddles is the fact that though at first they may seem somehow uncomfortable to have on, using them for quite some distance will result to it molding to your weight and shape. After this, you’ll get the best comfort and at the same time get to enjoy the level of durability that comes with it.

Though like the synthetic saddles the leather saddles may have a perennial cutout as well as a spring for an added comfort, they have the advantage of having no synthetic padding which is an advantage for the long and hot rides.

The only problem that you may get from a leather saddle is that it is not waterproof. This can however be solved by treating your leather seat with a conditioning every once in a while. The treatment of the leather seat will ensure that it is protected against any damage from moisture and at the same time, you won’t have to worry about it drying up due to exposure to the UV rays. It is also advised that you use a saddle cover so as to prolong the life of your leather seat.

“Just as much as the other bike components demand utmost attention, so does the bike saddle. When it comes to choosing the best, ensure that you get a balance between comfort and durability. Pay attention to the cushioning, suspension and the type of material regarding on when, where or how you like to cycle”

 Steve Tischler

The Best 10 Road Bike Saddle 

Having had a look at the key features you ought to look for in a road bike seat, we can now move on to looking at some of the best picks in 2017.

Top 10 Best Road Bike Saddle

Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle

Schwinn Quilted Road Bike Saddle

Selecting a road bike saddle can be one of the most difficult things when you are looking for the best set of bicycle components. Owing to the fact that this bike saddle is of the Schwinn brand, you’ll not regret spending even a single cent on it.

With extra soft foam, there is an added comfort which means that you’ll be able to hit the road for a long span of time without getting fatigued. The foam is also meant to absorb some of the shock from the bumps on the road hence giving you a comfortable feel.

As for durability, the bike has got a water resistant cover which eliminates any chances of the seat being damaged if you happen to be caught out in the rain.

With the coil springs underneath the seat, the transmission of shock from the seat post won’t reach your bum whatsoever hence the most comfortable feel.


  • Comes with a water resistant cover- this means that you’ll get to use the bike seat for quite a long time
  • Shock absorbing coil springs- these ensure that shock absorption is optimal
  • The foam is extra soft- this eliminates any chances of being fatigued while on the road.


  • Though the top is waterproof, the seat may let in some water via the stitches


Q: What Is The Seat Made Of?

A: It’s made of vinyl leather

Q: Does It Come With A Post For Easy Installation?

A: No, it does not have. It will mount on your existing hardware that attaches to the bike post.

Q: How Wide Is The Seat On This Bike?

A: 9.5 inches


Planet Bike 5020 Men's ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle

Planet Bike 5020 Men's ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle

From the design to the components that are used in the construction of this bike, it is worth mentioning that every component used is meant to give it the best performance on the road. Beneath the bike are steel rails which are only 470g heavy- not too heavy and at the same time strong enough.

The fact that the seat is easily adjustable will allow you to have it in a flat position or slightly tilted. This ensures that you have the best level of comfort even for the longest time.

Another astounding feature on this saddle is that it comes in a waterproof design, though this is able to keep out sweat and a small amount of moisture, you should not leave it out in the rain.


  • Comes with a full length center recess for a comfortable and anatomic support.
  • The seat is well ventilated which means that moisture will be completely kept out.
  • Comes with a waterproof surface that keeps out moisture


  • For the black color, you may need a saddle cover since the black material may transfer to your pants.


Q: What Is The Nature Of The Ventilation On The Seat?

A: Quite good and just what you need to keep out sweat.

Q: Is The Seat Exclusively Meant For A Road Bike?

A: Yes, it is the best for use on a road bike.

Q: is the seat waterproof?

A: Yes, it is .


Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

If you are looking for one of the best, then be sure to have this bike seat on top of your shopping list. For starters, the bike comes with Dual-density gel foam padding. This is soft enough to ensure that you are completely comfortable.

When it comes to the installation of the seat to the seat post, the seat boasts to have a universal design that’ll allow you to be able to install it on any standard seat post.

Worried about shock absorption, then the coil spring suspension on this bike seat ought to eliminate this completely. No matter the nature of bumps you encounter on the road, the seat just gets the job done as needed.


  • Comes in a universal design that allows for easy installation on any standard seat post.
  • The dual density gel padding is comfortable enough to ensure you have zero discomfort on your seat bones.
  • Coil spring suspension- this eliminates any shock transmitted from the bumps on the road.


  • The only problem with this seat is that you can’t be able to use it for very long distances as the gel padding sinks in


Q: What Are The Sizes Of The Bolts On This Bike?

A: 14 mm for the seat post and 13 mm for the bottom of the springs.

Q: Can it be used by both men and women?

A: Yes, it can be used by both men and women.

Q: How does the seat mount on the frame?

A: It slides in quite well on the standard bicycle frame.


Zacro Gel Bike Seat

Zacro Gel Bike Seat

One of the major reasons as to why this bike seat was constructed is to give you the best level of comfort while you are on the road. To make sure that this was attained, the seat comes with gel padding that in turn functions to eliminate any seat pains.

When it comes to the installation of the seat, the fact that it can be installed with utmost ease renders it one of the best choices even for the newbie.

The durability and strength of the bike seat should not be left out whatsoever. Being durable and strong and made out only from the materials of the highest standards, it is bound to serve you for the longest time possible.


  • Quick and easy to use- the ease of installation makes it the best even for the newbie.
  • Comes with a free water and dust resistant cover which boosts the durability of the seat.
  • Durable and strong- with the highest standards, the bike is bound to stand out as the best even in rough conditions.


  • For some, the seat may be too narrow for your seat bones


Q: can I use it on an indoor bicycle?

A: Yes, it can be efficiently used.

Q: Can this go over the seat of a child’s balance bike?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Is it designed for a narrow or wide bike seat?

A: It’s designed for the narrow seats.


Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Men

Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Men

Owing to the fact that this is one of the new bike seats constructed with the men’s anatomy in mind, it is bound to offer you just the level of comfort you need as it has got the right padding at the right spots.

To take care of the soreness you may experience while on the road, the bike comes with good quality leather on it. Though this may at first feel somehow uncomfortable at first, the fit will be just fine after some time.

Another thing that makes this seat stand out of the crowd is the level of versatility it possesses. Not only can you be able to use it on a road bike alone, but you can as well be able to comfortably use it for indoor cycling, fixed gear as well as on mountain bikes.


  • Versatile- not only is it best for road bikes, but it can also be used on mountain bikes as well as road bikes
  • Has got the right padding at just the right spots- the most comfortable choice.
  • Designed with a men’s anatomy- you don’t have to go through the trouble of shopping for a men’s saddle at all.


  • May feel somehow hard hence uncomfortable to some.


Q: What are the dimensions of the seat?

A: 3.93H x 7W x 10.2L inches.

Q: Is the seat waterproof?

A: Though it’s quite durable and dries fast, it is advised that you keep it out of the rain.

Q: How comfortable is the seat?

A: Very comfortable


Retrospec Bicycles Urban/Fixed Gear Saddle

Retrospec Bicycles Urban/Fixed Gear Saddle

Looking for one of the best road bike saddles, then this might just be the right choice for you. Owing to the fact that you’ll have your seat bones laying less on the seat and more support with less chaffing in between your legs, the long nose on this seat will serve you just right.

Having one of the best padding, this seat is guaranteed to give you the best time on the road. You no longer have to worry about being sore right after you are done cycling.

As for the fit, the good thing about this bike is that it will be able to fit not only all of the Retrospect bicycles but the same also goes for almost any kind of bike or seat post.


  • Ample padding that’s just enough to give you the best time on the road.
  • Designed exclusively for use on road bikes.
  • Not only will it be able to fit Retrospect bikes but it’ll also fit most seat posts there are out there.


  • The seat is not that comfortable since the flares on the back may dig into the seat bones too deep.


Q: What are the dimensions of the saddle?

A: 150mm wide.

Q: Must the seat be used with a fixed gear bike?

A: No, you don’t have to do this.

Q: What is the material used to make the seat made out of?

A: It’s synthetic.


Schwinn Wide Gel Comfort Seat

Schwinn Wide Gel Comfort Seat

With the GEL padding on the seat, it will be able to mold to your body shape. With this feature, the seat is bound to give you the best time on the road.

When it comes to shock absorption, the bike seat has got Elastomeric springs underneath it. These ensure that all the shock from the road bumps are absorbed hence zero discomfort.

As for the installation, it is worth mentioning that the seat will be able to fit all types of seat posts. The fact that it is universally compatible with any seat post saves you all the trouble of looking for a compatible fit.


  • Compatible with most of the bike seat posts
  • The GEL padding on the seat allows it to perfectly mold to your shape
  • With the elastomeric springs under it, shock absorption is at its best


  • The seat may be a little too wide for comfort on long rides


Q: Does the seat come with a post?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: What size is the post needed to be?

A: A standard fit should do the trick.

Q: What is the width of the set at the widest point?

A: about 10 inches.


OUTERDO Comfort Gel Bicycle Saddle

OUTERDO Comfort Gel Bicycle

You don’t have to worry about getting the best. With the OUTERDO Comfort Gel Bicycle, you’ll get to enjoy the super ergonomic design. This seat is made in such a way that it gives you the best ventilation and at the same time, you won’t have to worry about being sore after a long ride.

This comes with high reflective safety stickers at the back. With these, you’ll conveniently be able to use it even in low light conditions hence utmost safety even in the dark.

Dual spring design- at the bottom of the cushion is double springs. These have got the best elasticity, toughness, better endurance, flexibility and in addition to this, they are easily to deal with even in rough terrain.

The high density punching foam not only feels comfortable but it also be able to give your hips the nest protection and in addition to this, the wear resistance and durability is at its best.


  • Highly reflective stickers- these ensure your safety even in low light.
  • Comes with a dual spring design for better elasticity and toughness.
  • Super Ergonomic design ensures that you have the best ventilation and gives you the best level of comfort.


  • The spring may be way too thin to support if you are overweight.


Q: What are the dimensions of the saddle?

A: 25x20 cm.

Q: How can I be able to install the seat most effectively?

A: Using a one seat tube and a split seat post should do the trick.

Q: What material is used in the construction?

A: Microfiber leather fabrics.


Bell Memory Foam Saddle

Bell Memory Foam Saddle

Durability is one of the features that set apart the best road bike saddle from the worst. Taking this into consideration, the Bell Memory Foam Saddle is designed with rich fabric and subtle graphics which renders them viable for long term use.

With the thick real memory foam outer foam layer, you no longer have to suffer from soreness due to shock from the road bumps as it dampens most of it.

Owing to the fact that it comes with soft elastomeric suspension, the saddle gives you quite a comfortable feel since it backs up the thick outer foam layer in absorbing shock.

The vented ergonomic channel on the seat is able to keep you cool and at the same time relieve pressure on your bum which keeps you on the road longer and with less pain to worry about.


  • Soft elastomeric suspension eliminates the shock from the road bumps hence zero fatigue.
  • Rich fabric ensures that you use the saddle for quite some time.
  • Vented ergonomic channel that is able to keep you cool and relieve pressure on your bum.


  • Though it’s comfortable, you may find the padding on the seat to be a little bit firm.


Q: Is this seat for women or men?

A: It’s suitable for both sexes

Q: Is there an adjustment screw for the springs?

A: No, there is none.

Q: Is the seat flat or does it rise on the front?

A: It’s flat.


Zacro Gel Bike Saddle

Zacro Gel Bike Saddle

Comfort and efficiency are two of the most important features on a bike saddle. Having a PU and dual density gel foam padding, the soft and elastic nature of the seat will save you from cycling pain.

As for the mounting, the help of Zacro wrench allows you to easily have it in place. In addition to this, the universal design of the seat allows you to have it installed on any standard seat post.

To take care of the bumps, the carbon steel coil dual spring suspension helps to smooth the bumps. In the long run, you’ll be less sore even from the long rides.

The thicker and softer saddle makes you feel more comfortable which is just what you need on your road bike.


  • Carbon steel dual spring- this is able to smooth out the bumps.
  • Comes with the Zacro wrench that makes mounting easier.
  • The universal design of the seat allows you to easily mount it on any seat post


  • The only problem may be with the padding, the amount of gel may not be the expectation of most.


Q: Is this a comfortable seat?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Can it be used by both sexes?

A: Yes, it can be.

Q: What material is used in the construction of the seat?

A: Synthetic leather.

Final Verdict

Now that we know entirely what to look for if we want to have the best leather saddle and considering the fact that you have the some of the best road bike saddles of 2016 to choose from, having the best time on the road won’t be a problem at all.

The secret does lie in paying attention to every tiny detail from the rails to the cushioning and the material s used in the construction.

All in all, it is best that you strive to have a balance between comfort as well as durability and you won’t regret spending even a single dime on your saddle.

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