When it comes to one of the best or rather one of the most productive recreational activities, you deserve to get the best road bike cycling routes.

Assuming that you have the best road bike, we can then move on to looking into the top road bike destinations in the USA. Owing to the fact that there are over 4,092,730 miles of public road in the USA which is also the most extensive road network in the whole world, it is ironical that you may actually be missing out on the best road bike destination.

Below, we have sampled out 25 of the best road bike destinations in the USA. Each of our selected destinations is guaranteed to give you the thrill of road bike cycling.

There is an optimal degree of elevation for the climbers, the best distance for endurance, and a few laid back terrain for the easy riders.


1. Going-to-the-Sun Road

Just as the name suggests, this place will give you quite the thrill. When it comes to endurance, you have as much as 50 miles of road to cover. This is definitely the right place for you if you are into fitness cycling.Another thing that is worth mentioning about this route is that it has an elevation gain of 4,290 feet.

The road starts from the West Glacier, Montana. When it comes to the climb, the 48 -foot Logan Pass would be rather brutal were it not for the aesthetic beauty and the lively nature of the surrounding that’ll definitely catch your eye.

From the west entrance of the park, you’ll have 21 miles of easy road past the Lake McDonald before the going gets tough. In the next 11 miles, you’ll have to cover 3000+ feet of climbing as you approach the spine of the continent.

That’s pretty much all about this Montana-based road bike road. Be sure to try it out- it has got a little bit of everything.

2. The Dirty Kanza Half-Pint

This is one other place that you could definitely try out for an awesome time. Starting off at Emporia Kansas, the Dirty Kanza Half-Pint offers you an elevation gain of 5,298 feet and in addition to this, you’ll have an elevation gain of 111 miles.

If you are out for adventurous road bike cycling, then this is definitely the best destination for you. The road is composed of gravel and whatever you may call it, be it gravel grinding or adventure biking, it offers nothing short of the best. the road offers gorgeous views over the iconic grassy farmlands of America’s heartland.

Being the half-pint of the whole of Dirty Kanza road, its up-and-down terrain offers quite a challenge. You will have to cover at least 60 miles of dirt before you get to the first town. The full length of the Dirty Kanza road is an exclusive 200 miles which you could also try out for the sake of endurance.

3. Tour of the Battenkill

There is no way that the Big Apple could miss out on offering one of the best road bike destinations in the USA. The start of the Tour of the Battenkill is at Greenwich New York.The ride upon following this route will be through the rural Washington county which follows the route of the Tour of Battenkill.

This is America’s largest one-day pro cycling race and there is also the shorter, hillier version of Paris-Roubaix.The road goes through the upstate dairy farm country and over covered bridges, railroad crossings and no fewer than 8 stretches of rugged dirt.

The stretches of dirt road that you will encounter in the whole 68.21 miles’ totals to 15.It is advices that you consider wider tires if you do not have a cross or gravel rig.

As for the climbs, even though they are short, you’ll definitely be able to feel their impact. The most preferred time to hit this road would be in October since there is the fall foliage.

4. The Blue Ridge Parkway

Starting at Asheville in North Carolina, the Parkway winds along the peaks of the Blue Ridge from the Shenandoah National Park and to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This distance offers the riders about 469 miles of uninterrupted scenic double lane road.

When it comes to the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll cover a distance of 47.6 miles and at the same time you’ll have an elevation gain of about 5000 feet. Cycling through, you’ll come across wildlife, waterfalls and beautiful views of the rolling mountains- definitely fashionable for road cycling.

Owing to the fact that there are every few service route located along this road, you may have quite a hard time when it comes to covering the whole length. Asheville and Bevard are however located 25 miles apart. Taking the route along these two towns will be quite rewarding.

5. Oregon Coast

With a distance of 86.2 miles, the Oregon Coast does offer the thrill of road bike cycling. The elevation gain covered along the Oregon Coast the whole way is an exclusive 5,291 feet.

Having one of the most beautiful shorelines in America, the Oregon coast is definitely a place worth visiting. The Cliffside trails, the sandy beaches, the waterfalls as well as the old-growth forests are open to the public to explore.

The best of all these scenic beauties can only be explored best if you are on your bike and at a slow pace.When it comes to the stopping points, the Oregon trail has plenty of good coffee shops for you and lunch spots that you can enjoy.

Most of the trails here are quiet and beautiful as well, it all depends on the route you settle on. The best time to hit the road here is in September. With the tailwinds and the hilly terrain of Oregon, you’ll definitely have a time of your life.

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6. Mt. Evans Climb, Colorado

If you really do want to see how far you can push your limits, then this is the best place for you. Being the highest paved road in the whole of the US, the Mt. Evans climb is one of the most visited road bike destinations.

The road, running on top of the 14,271-foot mountain does overlook wave after wave of the Rockies in one direction. On the opposite direction are the endless eastern plains.

With the high altitude and the eastern plains, it is obvious that you’ll enjoy a calm breeze.The climb to the top uninterrupted can be quite hard but for what it’s worth, you are definitely bound to get the thrill of road bike cycling.

One thing that you need to be keen on is that upon getting to the summit and bracing yourself for the hard-earned ride down the hill is the brakes. ensure that they are not flimsy or threaten to fail then you can head downhill.

7. Crater Lake Loop, Oregon

Think of cycling along one of the world’s purest craters and at the same time getting to enjoy its aesthetic value. Being one of the most sacred craters in the USA, cycling along the crater will be one of the most interesting things you can do as a cyclist.

When it comes to perseverance, you may have to cycle for as far as 32 miles before you can have any access to water. Alternatively, you can carry your own on your bike but this will barely be able to sustain you throughout the course.

Obviously, owing to the fact that you’ll be doing your cycling up a crater, there will be a high elevation. This will be quite a challenge to you but on the bright side, you’ll get to enjoy the cool breeze form the crater lake that’ll coerce you to keep going. Your fitness will at the same time be at its best.

8. The Gran Fondo

Located in the City of New York, it would be somehow hard for you to believe that there is actually a place that you can be able to enjoy your cycling.

If you want that quiet experience as you hit the road, then taking this route is all it takes. Along the two leafy roads right beside the Hudson river and a 10-minute ride from the busy streets of Manhattan you’ll get the road.

This has become one of the most popular cycling routes in the USA.Being one of the fond places for the easy riders, the Gran Fondo has got a laid back terrain. The calm environment added on to the laid back nature of the terrain makes this one of the best places to simply have a peaceful ride.

Cycling in a city is a dream come true. Cross the George Washington bridge to the New Jersey palisades. Heading on to the bear Mountain along the Hudson may be uneventful to some.

Upon covering the 1200 climb up the mountain however, you can look down at the glimmering towers from where you started.

9. Utah

In Utah, there is the White Rim Trail. The trail passes through the Canyonlands national park that is situated near Moab.Along the 104-mile road, you’ll definitely marvel at the breathtaking view that is worthy of any riding style. Forming a bench below the softer surrounding of red rock layers, the White Rim Trail forms a triangle loop.

The loop is bounded on two sides by the Colorado and Green rivers and has about 6, 000 feet of elevation.The trail can be ridden in one day but if this is too much for you, you can alternatively camp at the park.

For you to do this however, you’ll need a permit from the park service that’ll allow you to carry in your camping gear.The most recommended time for you to do your cycling is in either fall, spring or winter. in summer, the heat may be too much for you to take.

10. The Mount Washington Hill climb

At the north of New Hampshire, you’ll get the Mount Washington Hill Climb. Of all the climbs that you can encounter in the world, it is worth mentioning that this is one of the most difficult to conquer.

Though you will have only 7.6 miles to cover, the road climbs at an average 4, 618 feet which is quite high. The challenging part comes in on the elevation of the hill.

Being steeper than the Mortiloro, Zoncolan and Agliru, and far much steeper than most hills in the USA, this is the best choice for the climbers.The average gradient of the hill is 11.6 % but as you near the last 50 yards, you’ll sweat it at the 22 % gradient.

You want to know how far you can be able to stretch your limits, do try out the Mount Washington Hill Climb.

11. Idaho Springs

If you want the challenge for the elevation, then the Idaho springs in Colorado are bound to give you the ultimate challenge.Boasting to have the highest paved road in the north America, the 28-mile route has got an elevation of 14,240 feet.

Being open from June-august, you should definitely ensure that you try it out since it will only cost you 3 dollars to ride on.The good thing about the route od that it is not only about the climb.

As you cover the distance, you’ll pass through the alpine lakes, the high altitude trees and via many miles of the alpine tundra that are above the tree lines.Your perseverance when covering the climb will determine whether you will be able to make it to the top.

At 7,586 feet, it will be snowing and as you climb, the oxygen gets narrower and breathing gets difficult hence you are bound to feel fatigued.

12. West Yellowstone to Mammoth Hot Springs

Being one of the most popular national parks in Wyoming, USA, the Yellowstone national park would definitely be a dream come true for road bike cyclists.Even though for some few weeks annually the park does close to motorists, the park is still open to cyclists.

It is until the snow completely covers the roads that the place will no longer be accessible to motorists.While it is open, you’d best make maximum use of the park. From the west Yellowstone, you can take the route towards the Old Faithful geyser.

From here, you can head to the geo-thermals of the mountain, the Obsidian Cliff and the Golden gate.The best time to hit this route would be in November owing to the fact that the place is much less crowded.

13. Natchez Trace Parkway

If you are looking for one of the road bike destinations in the USA that favors you best as a cyclist, the Natchez Trace Parkway is the place for you.Being located in Natchez Mississippi, just to the south of Nashville in Tennessee, these park grounds are exclusive to bicycles only.

This means that there will be less crowd to worry about. Other than being only exclusive to the bicycles, these park grounds have got tent sites and picnic tables all year around.

The bike trips in the park are between 30 and 60 miles daily. When it comes to the social amenities, you can have water at any time of the year inside the parkway restrooms.

In winter months however, the outside water sources may be unavailable.As most road bike cyclists prefer, this road bike destination is best accessible in the spring or fall; it’ll be neither too hot nor too cold for you.

14. Tour De Tucson

Road bike cycling is not all about the challenge of either height or distance. Sometimes, all you need is the thrill and excitement of cycling alongside your fellow road bikers.

Before the thanksgiving Sunday, visiting the Tour de Tucson in Arizona will land you alongside 9,000 cyclists or more. The whole crowd is made up of children to the beginner and the pro racers.

Taking this into consideration, this is one of the best places that you can be at for the perfect ride.As for the distance to cover, Adults can choose from 38, 57, 81 and 107 mile routes.

The point of having all these routes is to carter for the different classes of cyclists. Regarding your degree of tolerance, you’ll know which route to take.The timing for the Tucson trail is best in November.

Then, the riding weather is perfect and the big bike routes will take you out into the Sonoran Desert. Though the view of the mountains will be marvelous, beware of the sandy dry crossing.

15. Ragbrai

If you are a fan of road bike cycling, then Ragbrai is one of the road bike destinations that you may have had about or one that might pop up in your search.This is one of the oldest (allegedly 40 years old), the longest and probably one of the largest road bikes in the USA.

upon settling for this route as your preferred road bike destination, whether during the day or night, you’ll definitely get the best that it has to offer.The most preferred time to hit this road is during the summer since then, you’ll get to enjoy the road alongside other cyclists.

From your saddle, you can enjoy the open arms of the Midwest during the day and the best company during the night.When it comes to camping, all you have to do is have your bags carried in the 18 wheeler and you can then collect them at the nest campground.

16. Road to Hana

If you are comfortable riding with traffic, then this Hawaiian road is the best place for you to go. Boasting to be over 44.5 miles, you’ll get the challenge you are looking for. In less than 50 miles, the road goes through 600 hairpin turns and over 50 bridges.

Offering an elevation gain of 4,654 feet, the road passes via the tropical rain forest, marvelous waterfalls and in addition to this, there are the spectacular seascapes.

The only challenge you’ll get on this road is when it comes to navigating over 50 one-lane bridges. This is so because the traffic will not make this any less easy for you.

Considering that the time you’ll be spending on this road cannot be predicted, it is advised that you factor in more time for food and drinks. There are quite a number of stops along the road which is one of the things that makes the route popular among cyclists.

17. The Pinky Traverse

Located in Michigan, this 70.8-mile road definitely best suits the laid back riders. Starting at the Traverse City, covering the whole distance will give you an elevation gain of 1,968 feet.

The route takes you through beautiful rolling vineyards & cherry orchards, the sandy beaches & charming ports as well as the historic lighthouses of Michigan. What simply does make the road interesting are the scenic and beautiful views as you trail down the shoreline.

The bikers here are not all about fitness but they lean more towards taking in the beauty of the Michigan lake and its surroundings.

If you have the correct timing, you can be able to catch the setting sun over the Michigan Lake at the 450-foot-high Michigan overlook, the Sleeping Bear. From here henceforth, you can complete your 70.8 miles with an easy pedal into Empire.

18. Delmarva Dawdle

Being one of the best routes for the best laid back and relaxed rides, the Delmarva Dawdle, Maryland is only 31.9 miles long and shouldn’t be hard at all for you to cover.This route is not about the challenge but it surely will be a ride to remember and crave to get back to upon completing it.

The Delmarva Peninsula, a 170-mile manila separates Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic. With the small towns, the coves and the tributary rivers, this is definitely the perfect place for a relaxed, low-paced ride along the back roads of the Eastern Shores.Starting at Easton, you can grab yourself some lunch along the way after which you may head on to Bellevue.

From here a ferry ride will deliver you across the red Avon River and on to Oxford from where it will be an easy 13-mile pedal to Easton while enjoying the horses and cornfields on your way.

19. Texas

In Texas there is the Texas Hill Country which is boasts to having some of the state’s best rural cycling routes. The outstanding rolling topography of the state is filled with the outstanding views of vineyards and beautiful spring time wild flower blooms.

With an elevation gain of 2,233 feet, the Little Switzerland as is named by the locals is bound to offer you the challenge of elevation.

The hills are fairly steep and even though none is taller than 300 feet, you’ll definitely get the thrill of this road bike destination.The starting point for this route is at the Fredericksburg which is pretty much the cycling capital of the state.

Fredericksburg also boasts to be one of the earliest villages to be founded in the state and dates back to the 1840s.

20. The Grand Rounds Loop

Though tis has only been recognized recently as one of the best areas that you can get the best cycling, the Grand Rounds Loop has been around since the 1930s. whereas the loop is over 50 miles in full length, the length of the loop you’ll cover is only 30.8 miles.

The loop is sprinkled with traces of natural features which include creeks, river banks and the wetlands. The total elevation gain on the Grand Rounds Loop is about 1,191 feet which will not be hard to conquer at all.

The 31-mile route is from the University of Minnesota and for the first few miles, you’ll not have to endure the climb. With the natural features, the elevation and the distance, the going will be neither too tough nor too simple but all in all, it will be rewarding.

21. The Katy Trail

Running 237 miles across the Missouri country side, the Katy Trail boasts to being one of the longest Trail-to-Trail project.

It can be agreed that getting to cover the whole distance won’t be that easy but for the bike trail, you only need to go as far as 77.6 miles.Since it is in the Missouri country side, the trail gives you that middle-of-nowhere feel, not to worry however as there are a number of stopping points along the way.

A large portion of the trail, about two thirds of it is next to the Missouri river bank and you’ll therefore be cycling on flat terrain for most of the riding. Above the Missouri muddy river banks are the river bluffs that’ll definitely catch your eye apart from the farmland and vineyards of the surrounding.

22. Maine

Since it is the home to Acadia National Park, there is definitely no other better way for you to explore the ruggedly beautiful coast of Maine.a greater portion of this trail is a traffic free carriage road.

This backed up with the well-marked trails that head down to the sea tide pools and aesthetic view of Cadillac Mountain, this ends up being a cyclist’s costal dream tripthe total length of the trail is 80.5 miles with an elevation gain of 6,245 feet.

Six miles into the route is the summit of the Cadillac mountain and you can catch the sunrise at the top if you are early enough. This will require you to cover 8 miles of the total trail and 1,100 feet of climbing.

23. Champlain Islands

In Vermont, there are the Champlain Islands which are located in the center of Lake Champlain that is shielded by the Green Mountains to the east and Adirondack mountains to the east.

The route starts at Burlington, Vermont and from here, you’ll have to cover an outstanding 82.6 miles with an elevation gain of 2,503 feet. Along the route are a number of stops where you can rest and with the quiet feel of the road you can take in the dramatic views of the mountains.

From Burlington, it is an easy 10-mile ride of the line trail of the island. These include 3 miles on the Colchester Causeway. You can then take a ferry from the Cut where a bike ferry will deliver you across the causeway to the southern side of the island.

24. The San Juan Islands

The quiet 2-lane roads, the art culture and the incredible scenery on the San Juan Islands have been considered as a cycling paradise.Of the three islands, the San Juan is the most populated and it is obvious that this is due to the good mix of roller coaster hills and an open peaceful country.

Lopez, unlike the other two San Juan islands is more relaxed and has got a flat terrain. The Orcas on the other hand is for the climbers since it offers the ultimate challenge on the Mt.

Constitution and the Turtleback Mountain.With 50.4 miles to cover, starting off at the Friday Harbor will lead you pedaling through forests, farmlands and vineyards that’ll definitely catch your eye.

When it comes to refreshments, there are a number of food joints on the way. Upon reaching the Kiln Point Lighthouse, you may see some killer whales, definitely worth your while.

25. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania boasts to having quite a number of covered bridges. Though at first these may not seem ideal for road bike cycling, starting off at the Lancaster will traverse you through six covered bridges as well as countless rollers.

With the 64 miles that you’ll be expected to cover the whole way and an elevation gain of 3,455 feet the whole way, you’ll be worn down even though the route is not technically challenging.

Along the way, there are a number of local shops where you can grab a snack and at the same time regenerate your strength.Your ride will follow the route that’s covered by the Lancaster Bike Club in the annual Covered Bridge Metric Country.

Final verdict

Summing up, there are quite a number of road bike destinations in the USA and plenty of road for you to cover but from all these, you only deserve a sample of the best to have the best time on the road.Whether you need solitude, a laid back ride, the challenge of elevation or the challenge of distance, we have exactly what you need.

Having had a look at some of our best destinations, trying them put can be quite rewarding.Cycling is not all about how far you go or how high you cycle but it’s more about giving you the thrill of hitting the road. Be sure to pick your best.

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